“Paper Moon Shoppe provides the best photo booth experience money can buy. And it elevates the form to an artful level you will never forget.” 


—  Brenden Gallagher is a television and freelance writer. (Wedding Wire)

What a dream! This is the most incredible photo booth I have ever experienced and am SOOOO happy they were available for our New Years Eve wedding! The Paper Moon Shoppe team were so easy to work with and helped us pick the best set up for our big day. We ended up going with the clock and cloud backdrop...stunning! Their props were fun and elegant. Our guests couldn't stop taking pictures all night. And the prints we received that night were a great quality 4x6 that are already framed in our home. If they are available for your wedding , BOOK THEM NOW!” 


—  Joanna Sotomura is an American actress. (The Knot)


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      Paper Moon Shoppe is a Southern California photo booth company evoking vintage-esque grandeur at your events. We have the largest moon collection in the world with over 30 marvelous designs, 15 backdrops, and other vintage designs. We have been widely published. Our team meticulously transforms your space into a spectacular celestial showpiece. Setting up large-scaled set pieces, paper moons, backdrops, and clouds that look as though you were sitting right among the stars.


Our open air-photo booth setups are the height of excellence. We provide more than what a standard photo booth company offers. You are essentially paying for an intricate art installation and a photography service; Offering a fast printing station, lighting, signage, unlimited souvenir prints, online albums, and high quality vintage props. Guests are astonished seeing our typewriters, where they are able to instantly email portraits to themselves. Invest in a service that is an excellent thing of its kind and give your guests a marvelous opportunity to travel back in time. 


Our thoughts...

Prior to the first moon landing in 1969, the moon was an aura of mystery and fueled the imagination of those who dreamed of flying to it. Some of those intrigued, used their artistic talent to create paper moons to be an exhilarating way for people to experience the moon and have a souvenir postcard as proof of their "trip." I believe paper moons would not be as endearing today without the help of artistic and brilliant minds in history whose imagination influenced other generations: Jules Verne's 1865 novel "From the Earth to the Moon" was about a rocket ship being shot out of a cannon to the stars; the later editions of his book featured magnificent illustrations for the readers. In 1903, Frederic Thompson and Skip Dundy brought "A Trip to the Moon" attraction to Luna Park on Coney Island which was predated one year by Georges Méliès' film Le Voyage Dans La Lun (1904), known as the first science fiction film. Collectively, all of these individuals contributed to the symbolic celestial feelings we associate with paper moons. 

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