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Paper Moon Shoppe provides the best photo booth experience money can buy. And it elevates the form to an artful level you will never forget. 

—  Brenden Gallagher is a television and freelance writer.

Our clock backdrop provided by Paper Moon Shoppe, absolutely made our ceremony space STUNNING!!

—  Debbie S. Fandom Affairs

PAPER MOON SHOPPE is a Southern California photo booth company evoking vintage-esque grandeur at your events. We have the largest moon collection in the world with over 30 marvelous designs and 15 specialty backdrops. Other unique set pieces are also available with our packages include our Art Deco street trolley, Chrysler Building Eagle, Life-sized Victorian Clock, George Méliès Moon & Rocket. EST. in 2013, originally named DAPPSY. 

Our paper moons have been featured on more than 30 wedding blogs, printed in magazines, and photographed with celebrities and social media influencers (Star Wars actor Alan Tudyk from Rogue One (2016), Bonnie Morgan from Rings (2017), Director Peter Bogdanovich from Paper Moon (1973), Amber Arden "Rebel Princess", pop singer and song writer, Traci Hines, known also as the "Hipster Mermaid" and many more.

We are inspired by a time when mass culture embraced vivacity and the belief they were on a modern day joy ride that could only go up and up to the clouds, moon, and stars.

-Featured: Rockefeller Moon