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our moon maker endeavor started 7 years ago...

Our Story

Being completely opposite in personalities and college degrees, Victoria and Christopher found a reason not only to share a life together, but to also start a business together.  ​

It happened one night when Victoria discovered and fell in love with Paper Moons from the past. She became so obsessed with all of the old souvenir postcards that she wanted a moon permanently built inside her home. Christopher wasn't fully convinced of her "practical idea". Finally with an endearing little grin, he decided to take a sketch she had made and build their very first paper moon. 

What's the backstory on the company name? Why shoppe? In 2013 the duo became Moon Makers, selling their designs on Etsy under the company name DAPPSY. Their first moon being named after it. DAPPSY was just a made up word for "DAPPER AND DAISY". They sold over 300 moons internationally, each having a metal plate on the back with a number. In the transition period of selling and renting moons, the name was changed to Paper Moon Shoppe. It's a reminder of where the couple started as a company. They still sell their "It's A Wonderful Life Moons" on Etsy.

It's a Wonderful Life Moon


Co-Owner, Designer, Artist & Photographer 


Co-Owner, Moon Maker & Photographer


Booth Attendant & Photographer


Booth Attendant


Booth Attendant

Adolfo & Cat

Husband & Wife Duo Booth Attendants & Swing Dance Instructors @time2swing

Our paper moons have been featured on more than 30 wedding blogs, printed in magazines, and photographed with celebrities and social media influencers: Director Peter Bogdanovich from Paper Moon (1973); Evan and Zane, Designer Daddy; Aaron Barrett from Reel Big Fish; Wedding Designer: Hayley Paige; Star Wars actor Alan Tudyk from Rogue One, Bonnie Morgan from Rings, Amber Arden "Rebel Princess", pop singer and song writer, Traci Hines, known also as the "Hipster Mermaid" and many more.


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