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It happened one night when I discovered and fell in love with paper moons from the past. What a spectacle to see, on a penny postcard, couples wearing vintage clothing (as we see it), perfectly posed with the moon.

After discovering a vast collection of these postcards, I remember asking myself "What influenced this photo booth trend?" I began to research deeper into this historical phenomenon and realized, not only was this a novelty experience at fairs during the late 1800's-1950's (peaking in popularity around 1910), but even today there is a society of vintage enthusiasts who are still wanting these moons. Fascinated with all of this, I eventually asked my husband if he could build a moon to set up in our bay window as a sitting area. He wasn't fully convinced of my "practical idea", but finally with an endearing little grin, decided to take my sketch and build our very first paper moon. After seeing it finished, I knew I wanted to create and ship paper moons to people around the world who dreamed of owning one of their own. The endeavor to make this happen was not an easy task, as it took us almost two months (and nearly giving up) before the design was ready to be sold worldwide. In 2013 we became known as "moon makers", selling our designs on Etsy under the company name DAPPSY; our first moon being named after it. DAPPSY was just a made up word for dapper and daisy. We sold over 370 moons, labeling each one in order of creation with our name and its number on a metal plaque, before moving fully into the photo booth rental industry. In the transition period of selling and renting moons, our name was changed to Paper Moon Shoppe. The word "shoppe" being a reminder of where we started as a company.

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